HONG-KONG - Liang Yi Museum & Gallery

Contemporary art gallerys of Hong-Kong Central district.

Liang Yi Museum - In this cramped city, Liang Yi is a refuge, free of throngs that crowd so many cultural sites. This is due to policies that are more rigorous than normal : visitors must call in advance to book a mandatory guided tour. The museum celebrates its place on the Hollywood Road antiques strip with a superb hoard of period Chinese furniture, mainly Ming and Qing Dynasty pieces from local tycoon Peter Fung's collection. The white-walled interiors ensure that focus is firmly on the craftwork, from the Imperial zitan screens to the seats carved out of lustrous rosewood. Items are arranged as they would have been in ancient homes, and many look untouched by the centuries. 

 Central _& more street art_P E A C E _ D I S O B E D I E N C E _ H O M E L E S S _



 White Cube _ Wang Gongxin_
United building_Central_
Arcadia_ Galerie Gargosian_

 PearlLam Galleries_ Chun Kwang Young_

 Wang Dongly calligraphy_

 Galerie Perrotin_ John Henderson_