WORK IN PROGRESS - Dolls in Jingdezhen

Work in progress of the porcelain dolls in Jingdezhen before firing.

Porcelain Dolls - Work in progress of the dolls before firing in Jingdezhen Pottery Workshop. The mold are made for one body shape and four different faces. After I am doing different version of them, by engraving or painting them in different ways. 
Molds drying in the sun _

Dolls parts out of the molds_

Making the holes to sew the parts together_
Flower maker craftmen of Jdz_ for Lilas, the flower chest doll_

Dolls in progress in my Pottery Workshop studio_ working from 6 to 6 _ DOING IT TO DEATH _

Wednesday's spiders_

Jude's old school black glaze tattoos_Third eye, roses & Sphinx_

Lou's skeleton thoracique cage engraved porcelain_

 Laetitia's cobalt make up_

Jade's chrysanthemes engraved porcelain_
Lin's cobalt dragon tattoos_

Black porcelain cast for scarified Matisse, and Vaudou Sona dolls_