SANBAO - Ceramic Art Institute

A tour in Sanbao, Jingdezhen subburb village of traditional ceramics. 
Sanbao - Sanbao village at the subburb of Jingdezhen is extending and most of the old factorys are starting to be turn into gallery and hipster places. But Sanbao Art ceramic institute is still a traditional charming place lost in the mountains. 

Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute-  Sanbao began as a dream of Jackson Li of Jingdezhen and Wayne Higby of Alfred University, USA back in the mid-1990’s. They envisioned an international ceramic art center located in China, that  would provide the opportunity to the international arts and crafts community to explore and exchange the culture, arts and crafts of China.

A group of farm houses and an adobe building were chosen as the site for the future art center. .

The Sanbao Valley had for countless centuries been the source of Chinastone for the studios of Jingdezhen and was dotted with numerous old water-powered hammer mills for crushing the stone.