LONDON - V&A - Serpentine Gallery

Contemporary sculpture ceramics exhibitions at the V&A ans the Serpentine Gallery. Rachel Kneebone at the V&A musuem and Grayson Perry at the Serpentine. 

V&A - Rachel Kneebone -  

Inspired by themes of transformation and renewal, Kneebone's complex porcelain sculptures are born of intense emotions, expressing movement and fluidity in a medium usually associated with stillness and calm.
This spring, four porcelain sculptures by contemporary British artist Rachel Kneebone will be displayed amongst masterpieces of the V&A's sculpture collection, highlighting the sculptors' shared interest in capturing highly emotive states.
The Solitude in the Depth of Her Being Begins the World Again But Only Begins it For Herself,
The Search for a New Myth,
The Consciousness of an Unbearable Tragedy At Once Dreaded and Desired,  
399 Days.
Serpentine Gallery - Grayson Perry - 
In 2017 Grayson Perry, one of the most astute commentators on contemporary society and culture, presented a major exhibition of new work. The works touched on many themes including popularity and art, masculinity and the current cultural landscape.  
Perry said: “I am in the communication business and I want to communicate to as wide an audience as possible. Nothing pleases me more than meeting someone at one of my exhibitions from what museum people call ‘a non-traditional background.’ The new works I am making all have ideas about popularity hovering around them. What kind of art do people like? What subjects? Why do people like going to art galleries these days? What is the relationship of traditional art to social media?” 
A Channel 4 documentary Grayson Perry: Divided Britain followed Perry as he created a new work for the show: his attempt to capture the thoughts of a divided country a year after the EU referendum. Harnessing social media, Perry invited the British public to contribute ideas, images and phrases to cover the surface of two enormous new pots: one for the Brexiteers and one for the Remainers. He also visited the most pro-Brexit and pro-Remain parts of the country for the programme, which is available to watch on All4.