TRIAD - Urban Tribe Designer e-shop is an art jewelry e-shop about Urban tribe designers.
In a mix of aesthetics, culture and media ruled by today’s society, three designers have met to share their vision and defend their singularity. 

TRIAD is a realm exploring craftsmanship and imagination. 
In non-conformist creativity, their hand-made artefacts converse with each of their inner world’s interrogations and dogmas.
Each piece is unique and created in limited edition.  

Tamara Akcay - "Jewelry is a fascinating and a timeless way to express so many emotions. Everyone feels, and most people don't know what to do about it. What any human being can feel I am releasing it through Catharsis on a piece of jewelry."

Sarah Tari - Sarah Tariverdian started her label Bandits by Sarah Tari in 2010. Inspired by nature and dichotomy between transience and eternity, she has discovered a new way to explore these themes, expressing transcend concepts in a material way.

Chavanitas - "As a sculptor artist I see jewelry as a miniature art of my big scale work. A precise unique piece of sculpture that you can wear. Obsessed by vanities and the mixt of cultures, I developed my collections with my artwork through residency and travels across the world."