RIO DE JANEIRO - Lapa - Metropolitana

Une vie nocturne intense, un Oberkampf de la Samba.. La revitalisation récente de certaines rues de Lapa a entraîné l'ouverture de bars, restaurants et gafeiras.

Fundaçao Progresso - Jouxtant les Arcs de Lapa, un centre d'arts polyvalent : ateliers de cirque et troupe de théâtre y sont installés. Les concerts y ameutent beaucoup de monde.

Catedral Metropolitana - Opened in 1979 and 15 years in the making, the Cathedral de Sao Sebastiao, to give it its official name, soon became known as the Metropolitana. The design by Edgar Fonseca is all that Niemeyer's uplifting cathedral in Brasilia is not. Cariocas have very little affection for its dark, brooding and, frankly, brutal concrete cone, which is associated with the era of the dictators. Visitors, free from such associations, see a great modern cathedral : four enormous curved latticed sides, linked by four 65m high stained-glass windows and topped by a translucent crux in the center of a circular roof that measures an impressive 106m in diameter. That the church can hold a standing congregation of 20 000 gives some idea of the building scale. 

Santa Teresa - 
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