RIO DE JANEIRO - Instituto Moreira Salles

Founded in 1992, Walther Moreira Salles' Institute is housed in a delightful 1951 former residential complex designed by Olavo Redig de Campos. It's geometric forms are arranged around a large central courtyard, and the mosaic tiling and landscaping are by Burl Marx, of course. Although the foundation's mission is broadly defined - to promote and foster the country's cultural development - the focus is mostly on photography, and the permanent collection of more than 550 000 images includes the work of international and Brazilian artists, such as Marc Ferrez and Alecio de Andrade. Music and art are so important components ; there are some 25 000 digital recordings and more than 3 000 artworks.

Azulejos Burl Marx - 

A viagem das barrancas - The journey of the gargoyles , which opens on December 5 at the Instituto Moreira Salles, presents to the public 40 figureheads from public and private collections and 42 Marcel Gautherot photographs belonging to the IMS collection, and small sculptures, a boat model and various documents . Among the highlights of the show, is the figurehead of the legendary barque Minas Gerais, the largest vessel that has sailed the San Francisco, sculpted by Afrânio - first sculptor known figureheads, even in the late nineteenth century. At the opening, at 17h we will have a guided tour with the curator Lorenzo Mammì.

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