RIO DE JANEIRO - Botafogo - Copacabana

Arrived in Rio de Janeiro late evening on a Saturday night, we could hear the samba sound all night long from our lovely Airbnb based in the cute Botafogo area of Rio. 
Batafogo is a residential charming, old style area, near by Copacabana, and quite central to stay in Rio. 

For this trip I choose to leave only with my Canon ATF film camera, and change my iPhone for a Nokia Lumia, so I wouldn't mind too much about my belongings. All the pictures with a white canvas are the film one, the others are lower quality nokia pics.

Botafogo -

Nathalie Airbnb - A friend of a friend happens to have that lovely Airbnb place in Botafago where we stayed for a week. Charming mixt of Bresil and France, for this french couple that moved there many years ago, that gives you great tips about the city. Also, not to mention, you can see the Corcovado from far away. 

Copacabana - 
The best-known landscape architect of the 20th century, Roberto Burl Marx worked alongside the country's great modernist's, developing complementary curvilinear abstractions in concrete and plant life. He landscape Brasilia, worked in Caracas and Miami, and in Rio he was the go-to guy for the gardens of pretty much every significant building in town, including Museu de Arte Moderna, Edificio Petrobras and Palacio Gustavo Capanema. But he'll be best remembered for the 3km of wavy patterns, created in mosaic tiles, that snake along Copacabana Promenade. The iconic design is just one part of a giant abstract painting, anchored by trees, that Marx created for the district. Its genius is only truly comprehensible from the apartment and hotel rooms high above

The opening of Copacabana Palace in 1923 signaled the arrival of this district as an international resort. By the 1970s, it had started to become a victim of its own success.
Sunday is the best day to go to Copacabana beach, the road is closed to car, and before carnaval, the samba takes the side walk at the end of the day.. Crazy atmosphere !

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