LONDON - SANG BLEU - Borough Market - White Cube - Whitechapel

I went to Sang Bleu tattoo place at Dalston Junction to get an handpoke tribal style eye tattoo by Tati Compton.

her instagram :

SANG BLEU_ Tati Compton_ Handpoke Tattoo_
Third Eye ethnic symbol & Cactus. 
Related to Marocco, Turkey & protection.

The Great Frog - It's been a long time I was dreaming about that very realistic eye ring from the Great Frog London ! On Carnaby street.

Borough Market - The best street food ever, eat a burger, then scallops, with a beer or a sangria in the street market, just loving it ! 

White Cube - Cerith Wyn Evans - South Galleries, Bermondsey