WORK IN PROGRESS - Jewelry - Whale bones & carved teeth

Here is the work in progress of the unique pieces hand sculpt jewelry collection in whale teeth and bone. This collection is inspired by Açores experience and a wanderlust, sea wolf adventure spirit. Marin's ex-voto, mermaid love and directions...

First test of carving on when teeth ivory pieces :
ex-voto marin

 Mermaid organs
 Mermaid skeleton

Whale Bone - Here is the whale bone sculpted piece unique pieces, with sacred heart, cross and teeth inspiration.  

Whale teeth carved - More pendents recto-verso carved ivory pieces -

 Sea WOLF & mermaid -
 Recto/Verso -

 Mermaid obsession ..

 La sirène et le pirate -
 Recto/Verso -

 move & BLEED -

 Final carved unique pieces -

(c) Chavanitas