FAIAL Island - Horta - Porto Pim - Museu de Horta - Caldeira do Faial

The other face of Horta, is Porto Pim. A little beach area with a hipster café surrounded by the old fort.. We stayed at Baia das Caldeirinhas which I would recommend for it's situation and it's cosy atmosphere. The two restaurant near by are to be recommended and the café have nice breakfast and happy hour time.

Porto Pim -

Old town and churches -

Museu de Horta - Religious collection and Papyrus boats -

Sociedade - Amor da Patria - Art Deco building in Horta - O Amor à Pátria é que nos Guia é o seu lema.

Pico view from Faial island -

Caldeira do Faial - Crateria -

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