Catalogue edition of the show -
Charlotte Cornaton deals with themes such as society, spirituality and cuture with a mixture of ceramics and video. Sculptures may be worn as part of a filmed performance or in stop motion animation. The opposition between an ancestral medium like ceramics and the more ephemeral aspects of video allows her to translate the flight of time and the superficial side of society. Through her travels and observations of different culures, her work interprets modern vanities and feminity, all in a transcultural spirit.

Created at the EKWC Center (Hertogenbosch, Netherlands), the Corpus Femina project focuses on the theme of feminity. It consists in a series of ceramic costumes, made to be worn as part of filmed performance. Through these costumes, Charlotte Cornaton, transforms her body into an object, idealizing it as men have forever done, in order to reclam it. 

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