PICO Island - Sao Roque do Pico

Sao Roque used to be one of the villages where they were hunting the whales. You still have the ramp they would use to bring the whale's cut in pieces to the factory to make oil and different material out of it. The building remains the same but it is now a Museu da Industria Baleeira.

Museu da Industria Baleeira -

Sao Roque do Pico -

Pousada de Sao Roque -

Church of Sao Roque -

Com tradição - Premio de Artesanato dos Açores - Exposição : Alzira & Conceiçao Neves -
Galeria de Exposiçoes temporarias do Museu da Industria Baleeira.
The twin sisters having the regional craft school of Pico won the first price for craft in the island, so they are exhibited at the Museum of Whale industry in Sao Roque.
 Alzira & Conceiçao Neves -
 Dragon tree leaf jewelry -
 Fish-scale flowers -

Dragon tree & corn leaf hats & dolls -

 Corn leaf dolls -
 Papyrus flowers, grapes and boats -

Laces -

 Vintage family album pictures of the twins -

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