TOKYO - Ueno - Taito - Edo Sakura - Zozo ji

The next days I stayed in a traditionnal Ryokan in Ueno districk of Tokyo, called Edo Sakura, a nice experience. Here are some pictures of the place, the area, and a few temples.

Edo Sakura -

Ueno market - 
Zōjō-ji - San'en-zan Zōjō-ji (三縁山増上寺) is a Buddhist temple in the Shiba. It is the Great Main Temple of the Chinzei branch of Jōdo-shū Buddhism. The main image is of Amida Buddha. The founder of Zōjō-ji was Yūyo Shōsō (酉誉聖聡).
The impressive part of that temple is the Jizō statues at the cemetery. In one particular garden at the cemetery, rows of stone statues of children represent the unborn children of Japan, including miscarried, aborted, and stillborn children. Parents can choose a statue in the garden and decorate it with small clothing and toys. Usually the statues are accompanied by a small gift for Jizō, the guardian of unborn children to ensure that they are brought to the afterlife. Occasionally stones are piled by the statue, this is meant to shorten the amount of suffering a child has to go through on the way to the afterlife.

 Cats - Near by the Edo Sakura in Taito -
 Taito -

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