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Contemporary art and city view of Tokyo. Arriving to Mori Art museum, to have one  of the famous Tokyo view, you run into a hugh Louise Bourgeois spider..

Louise Bourgeois

Tokyo city view - from Roppongi Hills
Mori Art Museum - Go-Betweens : The world seen through children. 
Capturing the childhood charasteristic of moving to and fro across all sorts of borders - between different cultures, or between the real and imaginary world - in their roles as mediators, 'Go-betweens' turns its gaze on aspects of the environment surrounding children and the problems they face, through images of children as they appear in works by 26 artists / groups from around the world. Taking as key words the likes of play, dreams and memories, it also homes in on the diverse sensate nature of children, their creativity unconstrained by convention or the bounds of tradition. While they are at the mercy of their environment, by crossing borders children also act as circuit-breakers in statemate situations. Their power to live may well open up the possibilities for a new world, and hold the key to our planet's future.
 Kim Insook -
 Zhang O -
 Kondoh Akino -
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 Melvin Moti - Mam Project -
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21_21 Design Sight - Image - Makers - To invent a world of images and fantasy, to cross diverse fields of creation and then to drive people somewhere far from here while telling them about the world of today... Sharing such a vision, Jean-Paul-Goude and image-makers in Japan and abroad will gather in this exhibition to reveal their extraordinarily visionary works. Their works - photographs, drawings, video installations and kinetic sculptures - as well as their creation processes, which have close links with the worlds of fashion, performance, design and cinema, will provide visitors with multiple perspectives, enabling them to embark on a journey into an imaginary world in a moment. Demonstrating that any classification is unnecessary for creations, the exhibition "Image-Makers" will certainly offers  visitors an evocative experience, awaking a sense of wonder and innocent feelings of joy that they used to find as a child. 
 David Lynch -
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Mo+ - Museum of contemporary art Tokyo - The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, was opened in 1995 to systematically research, collect, preserve and display contemporary art that has been created both in Japan and overseas since 1945.
Situated in the eastern part of Tokyo, which is also home to Ginza, Akihabara, Tokyo Sky Tree® and the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall, the area surrounding the museum retains some of the charm of old Edo, and standing adjacent to Kiba Park, the large entranceway offers a beautiful view of the greenery.
The museum boasts three floors (4,000㎡) of galleries devoted to temporary exhibitions and two floors (3,000㎡) for "MOT Collection" exhibitions, making it the largest modern/contemporary art museum in the country. The temporary exhibition galleries are used to present exhibitions on a wide range of genres centered around contemporary art, including architecture, fashion, design, etc. The "MOT Collection" exhibition galleries present exhibitions of work from our collection of approximately 4,700, that have been acquired either for their historical significance or because they are by young artists representative of the current art scene, offering systematic introductions to postwar art history both at home and abroad or arranged according to various themes. Many of the exhibitions take advantage of the galleries' extremely high ceilings to show large-scale works while the Atrium, which is part of the collection exhibition space, is the venue for the 'Atrium Project' in which spectacular installations are displayed over the course of one year.
The museum contains numerous other facilities, such as the museum shop, which offers original items, those connected with exhibitions and numerous books, etc., a library containing approximately 100,000 books on art-related subjects, a relaxing restaurant and a café, making it ideal for an entire day's outing.
Richard Deacon, Like a Snail.
mission (SPACE X ART) - beyond cosmologies -

Wonderful World - Sparkle is everywhere !
Marta Pan, Sphère fendue.
 Kenji Yanobe

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