TOKYO - Kaminarimon - Nakamise Dori - Senso-ji - Akura Jinja - Asahi building

The most well-known door and temple of Tokyo, is a interesting see, I really appreciate the atmosphere and the smokes around the temple entrance. 

In the same area, the crazy building for Asahi beer made by Starck !

 Asakusa -
Asahi Beer Hall - The Asahi Beer Hall is one of the buildings of the Asahi Breweries headquarters located on the east bank of the Sumida River. It was designed by Philippe Starck and was completed in 1989. It is considered one of Tokyo's most recognizable modern structures.
The shape of the building is that of a beer glass, designed to complement the neighboring golden beer mug-shaped building housing the Asahi Breweries offices.
It is noted for the Asahi Flame, an enormous golden structure at the top, said to represent both the 'burning heart of Asahi beer' and a frothy head. The 360-tonne golden flame was made by shipbuilders using submarine-construction techniques. It is completely empty. The Asahi Flame is often colloquially referred to as "the golden turd" (kin no unko, 金のうんこ) and the Asahi Beer Hall itself as "poo building" (unko-biru, うんこビル) by many Tokyo residents.
Kaminarimon - The Kaminarimon (雷門 "Thunder Gate") is the outer of two large entrance gates that ultimately leads to the Sensō-ji (the inner being the Hōzōmon) in Asakusa. The gate, with its lantern and statues, is popular with tourists. It stands 11.7 m tall, 11.4 m wide and covers an area of 69.3 m2.
Nakamise Dori - It is the tourist shop street between the Kaminarimon door and Senso-ji temple. The only interesting shop is the traditional paper one on the right side of the entrance door. 
Senso-ji - Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is one of Tokyo's most colorful and popular temples.
The legend says that in the year 628, two brothers fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensoji was built nearby for the goddess of Kannon. The temple was completed in 645, making it Tokyo's oldest temple. 
Asakusa - 
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