TOKYO - Harakuju - Ota Memorial museum of art - Design Festa - Spiral - Shibuya

Harakuju area is the japonese style shopping area. You have a kitsch street with all the girly doll japonese clothe, and some more hipster streets. Also have museums, gallerys and artist center like Design festa. 

Edo Ota Memorial museum of art - Ukiyo-e woodblock prints are a typically Japanese art form, depicting scenes from the ‘Floating World’ such as theaters and teahouses, geisha and cherry-blossoms. They were developed during the Edo period from the 1620s, and became popular in western countries after Japan opened to foreign trade in 1867, influencing artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and van Gogh. Company chairman and philanthropist Ota Seizo dedicated himself to their collection and preservation, and in his lifetime amassed a collection of some 12,000 prints, which are now held and displayed at the museum which bears his name.
Design Festa Gallery - A gallery for anyone and everyone. Where artists are free to exhibit and sell without commission fees. Debuts, friends and groups, workshops, movies, product launches—everything is welcome at the Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku. The Design Festa Gallery consists of West and East buildings, 21 show rooms and 50 individual display sections referred to as the Art Piece and Art Pocket spaces to suit each and every theme and budget. Within the ample space provided by these show rooms the variety of exhibited work changes each and every day. 
Takeshita street - Shooping kitsch street of Harakuju.
Spiral building - Spiral is a building by architect Fumihiko Maki in Aoyama. It was commissioned by lingerie company Wacoal and was completed in 1985. It is a multi-use building, with gallery space, multipurpose hall, cafe, restaurant and bar, salon, and shops. The defining feature of the building is a seemingly floating spiral ramp (15m in diameter) that encircles the rear gallery space and climbs to the second floor. The exterior facade of aluminum and glass reflects the jumbled nature of the surrounding streetscape. Also known as the Wacoal Art Center, Spiral is a nexus of cultural life in Aoyama, presenting music, art, film, and theater events.
Harakuju -
Shibuya crossing - Shibuya (渋谷区) is a special ward in Tokyo. As of 2008, it has an estimated population of 208,371 and a population density of 13,540 people per km². The total area is 15.11 km². The name "Shibuya" is also used to refer to the shopping district which surrounds Shibuya Station, one of Tokyo's busiest railway stations. This area is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area.
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