TOKYO - Shinjuku - Hanazono Jinja - Shijuku Gyoen

First days in Tokyo we are staying in Shinjuku area of Tokyo. From big lighten buildings to traditionnal temple and japanese garden the contrast betweenthe peace and the crowd, the ultra-modern and the tradition seems to be everywhere in Tokyo. But my favorite part of Shinjuku is the cheazy gay bar area who have a lot of charm.

Hanazono Jinja - The Hanazono Shrine (花園神社) is a Shinto shrine located in Shinjuku, it's Shrine entrance is located on the main commercial street. This shrine was founded in the mid-17th century.
Shinjuku Gyoen - Shinjuku garden is hugh and go through different kind of garden architecture, from japonese, to english, to french ! One more time it is a nice and quiet place where you forget you are in such big city as Tokyo is.
Traditional japonese lunch -
Shinjuku streets -

Shinjuku gay bar street by night -
Shinjuku by night -

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