ARITA - Tozan Shrine - Kyushu ceramic museum

Fanny makes me the surprise to organise a car trip to Arita, the old porcelain town of Japan.  From Japonese artist in Jingdezhen I heard that the town was a bit dead now, and I must say it was nothing comparable with it's chinese sister. But one piece make it worth going, it is the porcelain old Shrine that you have in the city, and it's porcelain historical museum. 

Tozan Shrine - The Sueyama Shrine (陶山神社) is located in Arita. Sueyama Shrine has a porcelain archway and other items of porcelain which, at other shrines, are usually made of stone. This shrine was and still is particularly revered by Arita’s ceramists. 
It is dedicated to Emperor Ōjin, Nabeshima Naoshige, and Yi Sam-pyeong. It was founded in 1658. The torii (a shinto shrine archway) built in 1888. It had been designated Tangible Cultural Properties on April 28, 2000.
Arita main streets is more a commercial streets with the porcelains does in the city.
Kyushu ceramic museum - It is art museum where is specialized in ceramic ware. Including ceramics of Hizen area, ceramics of various places throughout Kyushu, work of modern ceramic art writer collect and are displayed. Above all, Kambara collection that attracted Old Imari and Shibata collection that gathered Arita ware making of the Edo era are unmissable. In addition, there are 25 bells made of Meissen porcelain outdoors, and beautiful tone directs time of healing only in town of ceramic ware.
Contemporary Japonese collection -
Traditionnal ceramic collection -
Shibata private collection exhibitions -
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