SUZHOU - Water city - Humble administrator garden

It was really easy to arrive from Tongli to Suzhou, as they are very close, and it's relaxing, for once, not to spend half day trying to make it to the next destination, lost in the bus station translations. I was staying at the Royal garden hotel, which is really ugly but have the best situation, just on the main water canal.

Suzhou is a really big city again, and staying there allows to walk around the place and do a tour boat to get a really good impression of the city, of course you still have to avoid the first commercial touristic streets, to get lost in the backstage.. I went to see one of the many traditionnal garden, that Suzhou is wellknown for as well, the most famous one, Humble admisnitrator garden, on the advice of young woman in a tea spot. But as it's the most famous, it was really crowded and not that peaceful. 
On the other hand, the boat tour seems very touristic in the first place, but it actually bring you kind of far from the main touristic canal to have the best spot of the city, from the water, so that was my favorite part of the day.

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