SHANGHAI -Old Town - City God temple - Yu garden - Bird market - Antic market

The old town of Shanghai is a nice part of the city to visit if you avoid the commercial crowded streets around the temples and garden. But my main crush is the bird market !

Chen Xiang Monastery - It is not allowed to take pictures of the bouddha in this temple, but it is beautiful blue sculpture piece that's really going to see.

City god temple - The atmosphere of this temple with all the smoke from the incense and burn papers is really impressive. 
Yu garden - My favorite place of the Yu garden is a place in the end of the garden where you can go up to a little hill with a little house on the top, the interesting part is the kind of labyrinthique tunnel that goes up to the it, that take the shape of a dragon with ceramics windows.

Baiyunguan temple & ancient city hall - Where old temple are next to contemporary buildings.
lunch -
Bird market - That's one of my favourite place of Shanghai, you're surrounded by the loud sound of crickets stuck in those little basket boxes.. Amazing atmosphere.

Antic market - Across the street from the bird market is the antic market. It's full of fake and contemporary chinese replica, but it is a really nice place to walk in the alley and have a nice time.
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