SHANGHAI - Jing'an temple - Long museum - Power station of art

The last day in Shanghai, I obviously didn't stay long enough to discover all th area of th city, I decided that I couldn't miss the well-known Jing'an temple and wanted to doscover some chinese conteporary art new buildings.
The Jing'an temple is not far from the French concessions, it is an interesting temple, specially from it's inside court where kitsch gold sculpture are next to contemporary cheazy buidings, which give an awkward good mixt.

Jing'an temple - 静安寺 literally: "Temple of Peace and Tranquility" is a Buddhist temple. The current temple was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty but, during the Cultural Revolution, the temple was converted into a plastic factory. In 1983, it was returned to its original purpose and renovated with the Jing'An Pagoda completed in 2010.

Long museum - It is located at the center of the West Bund Culture Corridor in Binjiang, Xuhui District, Shanghai– No. 3398, Longteng Avenue. Designed by Liu Yichun, a Chinese architect of Atelier Deshaus, the building covers an area of 33,000 square meters with up to 16,000 square meters for exhibition. 

As it open recently when I was there, I was lucky to discover the opening show that was presenting contemporary chinese artists : Re-View —Opening Exhibition of Long Museum West Bund. 
For the opening exhibition, Long Museum has invited Mr. Wang Huangsheng to be the chief curator and Cao Qinghui and Guo Xiaoyan as co-curators. Taking the lineages in art history as the thread and leveraging the features of Long Museum collection, we proudly present “Re-View: Opening Exhibition of Long Museum West Bund” in three sections: “Ancient / Contemporary,” “Chinese Paintings / Western Paintings,” and “Cases / History.” The exhibition will show more than 300 artworks by over 200 artists, covering contemporary, modern, and traditional Chinese art.
Power station of art - I have been told to visit that museum, but I should have check the program online, cause it was actually a show I have seen already in Paris.. the world is small.
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