TONGLI - Water city

Taking the bus to Tongli, very small water city next Suzhou, from Hangzhou, hugh city with no less than 4 bus stations, has not been so easy as I was travelling without guide or internet on my mobile and the hotel was not speaking english.. In the end I manage founding the right one and I arrived in this very tiny village, where all the activity is concentrated in the city old touristic center.

When you arrive during the day, you have to pay a ticket to visit the old town area and it's old houses and garden. The hotel I was staying in was on the entrance side of that old city, really nice. This place is really cute if you avoid the small touristic shops streets that sell the same kind of artisanal objects for tourist in all the district, otherwise that could make you feel like you arrived in a disney village. But it's charm really appear even more at night. 
Tongli is often called the chinese venise, I would more compare it to Amsterdam canals spirit. It is actually also suppose to have the erotic museum of china, but unfortunately it is not open at the moment.
Caotang hotel -

Commercial street & around -
Garden of Seclusion & Meditation -
Water sides canals -
Jiayin Hall -
Streets in the back & antics shops -
Water canals -
Gengle Hall -
Streets in the back and on the side on the old center -
Canals at the end of the day -
Tuisi Garden & Pearl Pagoda -
Streets alley -
Canals by night -
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