HUANGSHAN Mountains - Jade Peak

The famous Yellow mountains of China are not so far from Jingdezhen so I decided to stop on my way back to Shanghai. What they forget to tell you in guides, is that there is minimum 10 km of climbing stairs to do and that you should consider leaving your bags in the closest city down the mountains, Tunxi. Unfortunatly no one give me that information. The other thing you should know is that those mountains looks so mystical in between those clouds, but it also means it rains most of the year and that you'll be lucky if you can actually see the landscape.. My experience have been quite hard as I was not prepared enough, though I was lucky to see one of the most view on Jade peac at sunset the evening I arrived there.

Here is my trip of that day : Jingdezhen - Tunxi - Tangkou - Yuping Telpher - Jade Screen Hotel - Yuping Peak - Lotus Stamens Peak - Lotus Peak - Ladder on the clouds (The immortal painting the way)

Celestial peak area view -
Jade peak view & famous pines tree on Huangshan peak -
(c) Chavanitas