HUANGSHAN Mountains - Beihai

 For my first morning in the yellow mountains, I woke up with so much frog that i couldn't see a few meters ahead.. And i still had to do those 8km to reach the other hotel I was staying to close to the telpher that goes down. 

Here is my trip through the frog : Yuping Lou - Lotus Steamens Peak - Turtle Peak - Tain Hai - Bright top peak - Beihai - Dawn Pavillon -
Turtle Peak -
Beihai Hotel -
Dawn pavillon - 
After having lunch at the hotel, I thought about walking more to see if the sky would be nice to me, and show me some of the Flying over the rocks sight or the Clouds dispelling pavillon, but i couldn't see much more than frog and trees.. 
Bright top peak -- 1860 m d'altitude
The next day on the way from Beihai hotel to Yungu Telpher, finally leaving those unwelcoming mountains where I felt prisoner from, you see a bit ore of the view.
Unfortunatly, because of bad weather condition, I waited  4 hours in the rain and the cold for the telpher to open... 
(c) Chavanitas