HANGZHOU - West Lake - Wu Colline

The next day in Hangzhou I spend most of morning on the West Lake sides.. Mood for Love, Broken bridge, Solitary Hill, Puan Gong & Huxin Pavillon Island, were my destination. Then I spend the afternoon at  the Wu Colline, really peaceful place as well where you don"t seems to be in the city anymore. Their is a very famous temple is Hangzhou, but it is actually 1 hour bus from the city center to go there so you need one more day to visit it.

Mood for Love & Broken bridge -

Solitary Hill -

Boat ride to Puan Gong & Huxin Pavillon Island -
back to Solitary island -
Wu Colline -
Pavillon view -
Wusheng Pavillon - Heavenly Wind -
ex-votos left in the temple -
Pagoda temple view on the town -
Hortensia -

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