HANGZHOU - Hefang street - Leifeng Pagoda

After Tunxi, I left to Hangzhou. Back to the hugh scale of China. My hotel is in the old part of the town, near by Hefang street which have great animation at night.

The Alley Hotel- Dajing Alley
Very nice hotel situated in the old part of the city, the only inconvenient that I had is that none of the personnel of the hotel speaks english.. 
Just next to it, you have an international youth hostel that is really nice and serve continental food. I usually like to go more for traditional places when I travel, but I appreciate being able to eat western food after two month without it.
Same street, antic place like I like it.
ZZ Design - always in that same street, you'll find a nice shop, hold by a young couple, he makes the furniture, she makes the jewelry, and they bring a lot of pieces back from their trip to Nepal.
Old Pharmacy - Hangzhou Hefang street still have a few old pharmacy that are really impressive to see.
Leifeng Pagoda - One of the pagoda of Hangzhou situated near by the West lake, Leifeng Pagoda, is famous because of the white snake legend related to it. As I celebrated the Dragon ball festival in Jingdezhen a few weeks ago related to that legend, I had to go and visit the place where it comes from. 
For more information about that legend : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Légende_du_serpent_blanc
West lake near by Leifeng Pagoda -
Going back to Henfang street took me a while, Hangzhou is very big crowded city with very taxi or touktouk.. and you have to fight for it..
But in the end I found a very nice place to have dinner, back in Dajing Alley, a very good chinese wok restaurant. The caramelized shrimps are really amazing. And when you travel by yourself it's always nice to have some kind of surprises, like an old chinese cooker, looking like a chinese version of the old Elvis, singing Western songs in chinese with a guitar near to you while you're having diner....
Henfang street become really animated at night 
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