SANBAO - Residency, Gallery and bar, restaurant

Sanbao Ceramic International Art Institute welcomes international artists to experience life in Jingdezhen. We provide modern comforts for Resident Artists to explore traditional Chinese methods of ceramic production and creation. Our Residency Programs are unique to any other in the world because resident artists are immersed in a porcelain producing city with over 1000 years of clayart history. 

Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute at Jingdezhen was officially inaugurated in June of 2000.  The institute has since been very busy hosting porcelain symposiums, organizing customized and personalized tours and visits throughout China. These tours visited areas of interest to artists and artisans.  They were constructed as a teaching activity for university level ceramic instruction during summer school ceramic courses.  It was also a key organization that was instrumental in organizing the “1000 years of porcelain” activities in Jingdezhen that have continued throughout the decade.  Sanbao also became a partner to the NCECA student scholarship program, offering residencies and fellowship programs to the international artists and artisans.  Sanbao has continued to participate in many organized activities promoting International exchanges with artists throughout the world.
Numerous international artists and artisan have visited the Sanbao facilities during the last 10 years.  Many arrived to undertake monumental artistic projects.  Some came to experience the cultural activities and tours offered by the Sanbao team.  Others travelled to Sanbao to study the art of blue and white porcelain creation and to work in an atmosphere of quiet and tranquility. Sanbao become the gateway for many to experience the mystical, and intellectual lifestyle of the Chinese artists and artisans. The tenth anniversary of the Sanbao International Ceramic Art Institute of Jingdezhen in 2010 will see numerous activities being planned to help International artists to realize their dreams.
Martin McWilliam
Sanbao Gallery with past resident creations
Sanbao Shop
Sanbao restaurant
Sanbao residency rooms
Sanbao Bar
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Kaolin preparation
Jackson Lee portrait of myself and Corrina
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