JINGDEZHEN - Ancient Kiln Museum

Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln • Folk Customs Museum is located on No.1, Ancient Kiln Road, Porcelain Capital Avenue, Jingdezhen City (next to Yilong Hotel).It is national AAAAA scenic spot, national cultural industry demonstration base,national intangible cultural heritage productive protection and demonstration base. 
In exhibition area of ancient kilns of past dynasties,there are ancient porcelain workshops, the world's most ancient porcelain production lines, Jingdezhen kiln of Qing Dynasty, Gourd kiln of Ming Dynasty, Steamed bun kiln of Yuan Dynasty, Dragon Kiln of Song Dynasty, Wind & Fire Immortal Temple, Porcelain Stores,etc.The attractions show you the ancient porcelain industry architectures,the porcelain craft processes of the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as traditional porcelain treasures.
Water Mill
Porcelain workshops
Dragon Kiln
 Gourd Kiln
Waterside Pavillion
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