INSOMNIO - Work in progress

Here you can see the first part of the work in progress of my porcelain books, made in Jingdezhen. It's the first part of the process to find a technique in order to imitate books pages with porcelain, and to give my books an old, crackled effect. For this project I did all the books myself my hand, and only use the artisans of Jingdezhen for glaze and fire.
-note books :
Tests made with liquid porcelain, before the first fire.
Silkcreen tests
transporting the books to be fired
Glazing books
First test kiln
First result of crackled test books !
'Vanitas' carving edition of 25 carving tiles
Plaster mold made as a piece of the process 
drying in the kiln room with Kuang Kuang
Books in progress for the nightmare library in my studio
Fire of the first big crackled nightmare book
Books in progress
The big white book process
More books
and more..
(c) Chavanitas