YAOLI - Wanshu village

 Yaoli (Chinese: 瑶里; pinyin: Yáolǐ) is a town of Fuliang County, in the north-east of Jiangxi province, China, located on the mountainous border region with Anhui. Yaoli is a famous place of tourist attraction as its natural scene in Jingdezhen. Yaoli has also age-old ceramic civilization of Jingdezhen area.

Lion Hillock House - Lion Hillock House was built in Qing dynasty. The house conbines traditional Chinese and Western styles. On the doors, windows and roofbeams, there're all together one hundred exquisite designs carved in wood, they're drawn from Chinese four most famous works and classical plays. These wonderful workmanship excelling nature have great artistic attainments> They're well worth appreciating.
Huizhou architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasty.
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