JINGDEZHEN - The Pottery Workshop

The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen is an international ceramics  center focusing on the development and enrichment of ceramics in China and abroad. Artist Residency, Education Center, Design Studio, c2 Gallery and our Cafe Shop make up The Pottery  Workshop Jingdezhen. 

The most comprehensive location  servicing hundreds of artists of all skill levels and geographic location. The Pottery Workshop is surrounded by hundreds of small, independent craftsmen and artists. Clay producers, throwers, sculptors, mold makers, blue and white decorators,  glaze shops, public kilns, brush makers, blacksmiths, and box makers are only a sampling of the craftsmen working in our community. Our modern facilities, bilingual staff and being located in the "Porcelain Capital" offers a unique experience found nowhere else in the world.

My empty new arrival studio
The Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen welcomes international artists to experience life in Jingdezhen. We provide modern comforts for Resident Artists to explore traditional Chinese methods of ceramics production. Our Residency Programs are unique to any other in the world because artists are immersed in a porcelain producing city. All the pieces our artists create are finished and fired by the artisans in our community. We are located within The Sculpture Factory, a place where a high concentration of mold makers, throwers, slip casters, potters, glazers and public kilns coexist.
View fro the studios
The important thing to understand about The Pottery Workshop is that those studios facilities are just a bonus, and that u can actually work with all the factories and workshops of the town !
View from the room -
The Sculpture factory entrance -
The Pottery Workshop also offers the possibility to learn the traditionnal porcelain techniques with 3 hours classes. 
Carving - The following pictures are showing some pics of the traditional carving technique class :
Cobalt - Here are some pics of the traditional Blue & White Cobalt glazing technique class :
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