Ce post présente des bijoux de Tamara Akcay mélangés à des bijoux que je porte tous les jours.  Les gros plans sur les bijoux seuls sont de Tamara Akcay.

Tamara Akcay designs a contemporary jewelry line translating human emotions into sculptural, conceptual and luxurious pieces. The substance behind the line is the being of emotions, feelings and angst. Through the process of catharsis, the jewelry becomes the interpretation of the emotion that we fear to reveal… The ultimate goal is for the jewelry to embrace this dark side.
“everyone feels, and most people don’t know what to do about it. What any human being can feel iam releasing it through Catharsis on a piece of jewelry.” Tamara Akcay
Faded Abstractions - The feeling involved behind this collection is one of disillusion. Inspired by the vanished petals of a flower which are set up to appear bright, colorful and alive. It becomes pale, shapeless and non existent. It is a catharsis of life itself.
The flowers which helped lead to this vision are White Calla Lillies, Green Pitcher plants & Nothern Monkshood. Robert Mallary and Liz Larners’ sculptures subconsciously structures the shapes and textures of each piece of jewelry.
 Rrhea - Catharsis | Rrhea collection is the discharge of emotions and feelings one can experience when looking deep inside itself. The result is beautiful in the strength and power of these emotions such as frustration, vulnerability, suffocation and confusion. The inkdrop theme, rorschach test interpreted as a piece of jewelry let’s the owner to his own imagination.

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