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Kali Mantra & VAIN Tattoos.

Kali Mantra_ Leila_Dragon Tattoo_
malini naramundali galatrudhirabhusana
raktacandanasiktangi sindurarunamastaka
She who wears a garland of skulls
she who holds the head of a man
From the garland of skulls around her neck fall drops of blood
sho whose limbs are covered by red sandal paste
she whose forehead is marked with the vermilion of love which brings the light of wisdom

before, still tanned
 - after : 2 new tattoos made by Leila at Dragon Tattoo
Vain - Gothique type_ Tout est vain
ne rien chercher, trouver la satisfaction personnelle. L'ultime Vanitas.
(c) Chavanitas