NEWS - AWIIILY - Group Show NY - Nothing Space - Nissae

Nothing space - 56 Bogart Street, Studio 219, Brooklyn New-York - 20th-21st of September -

Alien-nation "formulating identities that allow individuals to move fluidly from context to context becomes critical to future functioning as global citizens" Carola Suarez-Orozco
Feat - Rita Alaoui // Omar Elhamy // Lina Laraki // Chahine Icone // Nissae // Omeyma Gzara // Lea Portier // Andres Salgado // Alice Ito // Gaëtan Henrioux // Yasmine Laraqui.
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 Another Fucking Art Opening you are too busy to go to.
Lina Laraki, I Can Tell You Something I Don't Know, 2013
Léa Portier, Snuff 1, 2013
Gaëtan Henrioux, Odalisque, 2013
 Rita Alaoui, “toi, moi, eux” and “A travers le monde”, 2013
Yasmine Laraqui and Alice Ito, Raver's Pillow, 2013
Omar Elhamy, Le vide explique tout (emptiness explains all), 2013
Chahine Icone, Fuck God, 2013

Andres Salgado, No matter where they lead you and Justin, 2013
Omeyma Gzara, Webcam TV, 2013