MONUMENT VALLEY - East and West Mitten - Elephant Butte - Three Sisters - John Ford's point - Totem Pole - Yei Bi Chei - Artist's point

Road to Monument Valley
Monument valley Indian market - Avant l'arrivée sur Monument Valley, il y a beaucoup de Navajos qui vendent des bijoux traditionnels pour les touristes. Les prix sont raisonnables, et vous pouvez trouver de beaux bijoux en argent avec turquoises, ou des plus petits bracelets de pierres semi-précieuses à remporter. 
The View hotel - The View Hotel mérite vraiment le coup d'y passer la nuit, tenu par les Navajos, toutes les chambres donnent directement sur Monument Valley. 
East and west mitten - Elephant Butte - Monument Valley se visite en suivant la scenic drive, qui permet de s'arrêter à différents points de vue. Les pics les plus connues de monument valley sont la butte de l'éléphant au centre, et les east et west mitten qui pointent leurs doigts de chaque côté.
The monuments in the park have descriptive names. They are based on ones imagina-­ tion. These names were created by the early settlers of Monument Valley. Others names portray a certain meaning to the Navajo people. The park consists of mesas, buttes and spire rock structures. 
The East and West Mitten Buttes look like hands, yet it signifies spiritual beings watching over. Elephant Butte, imagine a gigantic elephant in the southwest desert.
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The three sisters - Les trois pics des trois soeurs. The Three Sisters is a formation of Catholic nun facing her two pupils. 
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John Ford's point - John Ford's point is named after Hollywood director who made John Wayne famous. Some of his work include ; 'The Searchers, Cheyenne Autumn and Stage Coach'.
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Totem Pole & Yei Bi Chei - Totem Pole, this spire monument is an example of what erosion does to a butte. A totem pole is a historical or mythical marker created by Northeastern tribes, usually carved out of wood.
The Yei Bi Chei-­ (Navajo spiritual gods) located east of the Totem Pole, is a formation of dancers emerging from a Hogan.
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Artist's point - Artist's Point, place where artists can create landscape and bring them to life on their canvas.
Spearhead Mesa - Spearhead Mesa is attached to spire monument that looks like a spear of an arrow.
The Thumb - The Thumb is a free standing spire apart from Camel Butte. This formation also looks like a cowboy boot.
Camel butte - Camel Butte, this mid-­eastern animal faces the west.
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