GRAND CANYON - Helcopter tour South & North Rim - BrightAngel trail

Helicopter tour.. Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon Helicopter tour - Entrée sur le Grand Canyon South Rim vu de haut sur la musique de Space Odyssey.. magnifique !
North Rim - Sur les 30 minutes de tour d'Helico, fenêtres ouvertes sur le vide inter-sidéral, on passe de la South Rim ocre à la North Rim beaucoup plus verdoyante.
Faune -
Bright Angel trail - Trail Condition: Maintained dirt trail. Steep. Well defined. Some shade on trail, mostly from canyon walls and dependent on time of day. Give uphill hikers the right of way. Upper portion of trail may be extremely icy in winter or early spring.
Directions to Trailhead: Located on the South Rim, trail begins just west of Bright Angel Lodge. Follow path along rim, trail starts by mule corral.
Trailhead Elevation: 6,850 feet.
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