GRAND CANYON - Desert view drive - Navajo point - Lipan point - Grand view point trail - Mather point

Desert view drive.
Desert view point -  The less-crowded Desert View Drive, studded with breathtaking overlokks and un-named pullouts, gives you the chance to experience the ever-changing moods of Grand Canyon. It's the road you can take when you arrive from the East entrance, that leads to the Grand Canyon village. 
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Navajo & Lipan point - Look across the canyon and toward the river to see the titled layers of the Supergroup. These rocks are only visible from a few areas along the South Rim and tell an interesting geologic story. 
Grand view point - See how fire has restored a more natural landscape through managed fires along Desert Drive. Lightning fires naturally accur during the summer monsoon season. 
The Grandview Trail day hikes are to Coconino Saddle or Horseshoe Mesa. Day Hiking as far as Horseshoe Mesa is not recommended during summer. Trail gets steeper and more tricky beyond Coconino Saddle. Trail conditions are tougher than the Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails. 
Mather point - Next to the Visitor Center and the Village, one of the most impressive point of view of the Canyon.
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