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Waterhouse building-
The world-famous Waterhouse Building is a London landmark and a work of art. This beautiful building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, a young architect from Liverpool. He won the contract after the original architect died.
When you arrive, pause to take in the huge façade and high, spired towers. The rounded arches and grand entrance were inspired by basalt columns at Fingal's Cave in western Scotland. This is one of Britain’s most striking examples of Romanesque architecture.
Waterhouse’s plan to clad the entire building in terracotta was pioneering and a world first. Terracotta is a clay best known for making garden pots.
Working with a highly-skilled team of designers and engineers, Waterhouse produced 202 sketches for terracotta ornaments – this one is of a panel on the main staircase of the Central Hall .
Original plans, and a recently-acquired album of sketches, reveal that a Monsieur Dujardin was responsible for turning these detailed sketches into hundreds of ornaments.

(c) Chavanitas & Aisha Al Saif