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Juana & Lawrence 
presentation@ ekwc

 Juana Valdes - It's about hanging by a nail by a thread by the skin of your teeth.
Juana Valdes's work is based on a series of plates that can be cast, made into molds, and used to create multiple ceramic tiles. The surfaces of the plates are embedded with multiple layers, abstract forms, abstract patterns, marks, and words that make legible and illegible forms. They combine screen-rpinting, cast plate and molds. The process of collagraph in printmaking inspires these new works made in bone china.

I am - I - I am - I 

Lawrence Epps -
I continue to develop sculpture exploring the experience of the individual within corporate culture. Ihave built a large extruder to create life-size fugures by using relentless and repetitive force. I have also been making and slumping smaller moulded figures to communicate some of my ideas about the current economic situation and its emotional consequences.

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