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Jeanne & Douglas studio

Jeanne Hoffman - 
Shipwrecked cargoes
Travelling and working in different locations, my approach and process alternate between two poles : nest-builder and nomad. In my work I build temporary shelters for thoughts - wandering from one place to another, collecting observations, memories and meaning.
The collection of pieces made during this working period reference (ceramic) objects from shipwrecks that have been overgrown and transformed by organic formations. It plays with the transience of common objects and uses the fluctuating border area between sea and shore where fragments of things are thrown together in random formations. It also serves as metaphor for the cultural landscpe of my city of birth, Cape Town, at the tip of Africa where various European and African cultures have washed up and coagulated into a fragment culture over the centuries.

Douglas White - 
Elephant Skin

 (c) Chavanitas