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Corrina & Bastienne's studio

Corrina Hoseason - ci-dessus
Coming from New Zealand, a small geographically isolated country built upon an iconic green agricultural brand, the traditions of ancien régime European porcelain and its historical implications are equally remote.
Recent opportunity to experience the eighteenth-century porcelain tradition in person has highlighted for me, that romanticised socio-cultural ideals of class, livehood and status, are not confined to our contemporary notions of "lifestyle".
Bastienne Kramer - Home made Enerdy - ci-dessous
Amsterdam-Berlin, gas stations along the A1 and A2 in Germany : on hundreds of toilet doors between Hannover and Berlin a Germany company advertizes sophiscated stoves, fire places, heaters and other equipment that, belying their high-tech character, are able to realize home-made warmth in every living room. In her series "Warmtebeelden" Bastienne Kramer investigates the transmission of warmth both in a technical-formal and material sense, and in its conceptual meaning.
The installation Home made Energy highlights the things that represent homeliness ans warmth.