@EKWC - Sukjin, Jen, Stephanie, Anne presentation

Sukjin, Jen, Stephanie, Anne
Final presentation
Sukjin Choi -
The installation by Korean ceramic artist Sukjin Choi is a delicate, yet crucial blending of traditional Korean surfacing methods and contemporary objects.
Jen Blazina -
I have created a series of toys in 3D printing and ceramics. The series is influenced by today's children's toys, which emulate real life guns and vehicles. They are meant to be naive and silly, but speaking to today's issues of violence.
Stephanie Baechler -
Grading room / future room / future home
Installation for the collective exhibition. Depot Basel 17. August 2012
Using ceramics instead of fabric for a tent I want to emphasize the aspect of protection. Shelter from outside, from our actual harassed and speedy world. I want to create a place for reflection and regeneration. Crossing the boundary between art and architecture, the idea of this tent points out the new possibilities of our nomadic life, and the exploration of space.

Anne Verhooijsen -
Stones - heads - colourfull speeches - a wrecking ball which wrecks itself - down to earth - arms and legs - legs and arms - dancing on porcelain - handwriting - love broken love -
be welcome
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