@EKWC - Marien Schouten presentation

Marien Schouten
 @ekwc final presentation

Palace of Justice - Amsterdam
For the newly constructed Palace of Justice in Amsterdam designed by Klaus and Kaan Architects, Marien Schouten has made two large ceramic sculptures. Each sculpture measures over 3 metres in height and consists of a "head" shape, similar to the head-like sculptures Marien has been making since  2000, placed on a ceramic pedestral made up of large ceramic slabs resting on barrel forms.
The sculptures will be placed approximately 20 metres apart facing the same direction along a large hallway that has grey-veined white marble floors and walls. In contrast to modernist sculpture that represent itself autonomously, Schouten has created the sculptures to complement and blend in with the architecture. The sculptures, close to the inner walls of the hallway, are covered with a heavy grey-white glaze that explicitly connects to marble's tonality and gleam.

The identity and meaning of the "heads", whose shapes are somewhere midway between that of a man and other animals, are hard to determine. Rather it seems as if the sculptures purposely defer and defy these questions of identity and meaning and, by doing so, intensify them. Perhaps in this way the sculptures will stir up similar existential questions in the minds of the viewers, in this case the judges, lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants and other people who use the building.