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The tudors - NPG
Queen Elizabeth I - The young queen stands facing us in her full coronation regalia, fragile and doll-like yet the embodiment of royalty. Against a plain dark blue background she is depicted three-quarter length. Small black eyes stare from the pale oval face with its delicate skin, lightly brushed with red on the cheeks and on the small, determined mouth. She wears a heavy jewelled crown on top of the long golden hair that hangs loose about her shoulders and falls below her waist. In her long white fingers the queen holds the symbols of office, the tall jewelled sceptre and the orb, dark blue, encircled with jewels topped with a large blue cross embellished with pearls. She holds the orb firmly with ringed fingers againstthe gold of her skirt.
Mary, Queen of Scots - This is a three-quarter length portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots (1542 – 87). An inscription in Latin at the left edge of the painting tells us that it was painted after she had been a prisoner in England for 10 years.
Elizabeth of York - Against a sky, stormy with flashing lightning to the right and pale blue with sunlit clouds to the left, Queen Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) towers above a map of England, her feet in the county of Oxfordshire. England stretches across the curve of the Earth and there are tiny galleons dotted about on a dark bottle green sea. The stormy sky, the clouds parting to reveal sunshine, and the Latin inscriptions on the painting make it plain that the portrait’s symbolic theme is forgiveness.
  Broken-nosed Prince Harry and Prince William with added curls unveiled at National Portrait Gallery -
The first oil portrait of Princes William and Harry was unveiled yesterday - with all parties declaring themselves delighted at the result. Artist Nicky Philipps said she felt ' particularly pleased' with Harry's profile - including what she described as his broken nose. And the balding Wills will not be complaining that he has been given rather more hair than he actually possesses. The brothers, aged 25 and 27, had never been persuaded to pose formally for an artist before.
The brothers, second and third in line to the throne respectively, are shown wearing the formal dress uniform of the Household Cavalry Blues and Royals. At the time both were lieutenants in the regiment. The pair are depicted 'in casual conversation' during an imagined moment just before they leave the late Queen Mother's former residence, Clarence House, to take part in the 2008 Trooping the Colour. In fact the princes sat several times for the artist at her studio in South Kensington, while she later visited Clarence House to fill in the background. William, now training to be an RAF search-and-rescue pilot, is wearing his dress uniform with the blue sash and star of the Order of the Garter and the Queen's Golden Jubilee medal. Harry also wears the Golden Jubilee medal alongside his award for service in Afghanistan.
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