NATURALLY NUDE - Pink Garter Theater - Jackson

Naturally Nude
Pink Garter Theater - Jackson
Ciao Gallery - WY
Ciao Gallery, of Jackson, Wyoming is pleased to present our 5th annual “Naturally Nude”, an exhibition of exceptional nudes. This exhibition will feature only the timeless subject matter, the figurative nude. This show has become one of our most popular events for the gallery. Exhibition opening for this event will take place at the Pink Garter Theatre in downtown Jackson, WY, from 6-9pm.
Artist : Nick Reszetar, Michael Seif, Paige Bradley, Kazuo Ooka, Michael Rudahl, Jackson Davis Titus, Greg Sand, Rick Wheeler, Gary Mulinix, Aaron E.Kennison, Marsha Karagheusian, Zack Rosser, Keith Strauss.