YANGSHUO - Impressions Light show

Impressions Light Show

Impression Sanjie Liu - 
The performance is divided into seven chapters including the preface and epilogue. At the beginning, the lights are all turned off and the image of Sanjie appears indistinctly in the sky with beautiful songs 'Sing the folk songs, here I am singing and there you are echoing...'. As the lights come up, the twelve hills appear in front of the audients; and a small fishing boat is rowed from the hills. This is the Preface - the Legend of Hills and Rivers.
The first chapter is the Red Impression: Folk Songs. On the water, many fishermen are rowing their bamboo rafts in a column. Either standing or squatting, they hang the large red silk in the sky and or upon the water. This red picture symbolizes the enthusiasm and praises the labors of the local people.
The second chapter is the Green Impression: Garden. The color green symbolizes nature as well as the vitality. Among the green hills and rivers, the smoke from cooking fires curls upward; herders are heading home with their cattle under the gleam of the sunset. The women, washing clothes beside the water are waiting for their husbands who are rowing the fishing rafts back home. This chapter reveals the peaceful and happy life of the local people.
The third chapter is the Golden Impression: Fishing Lights. Hundreds of bamboo rafts with golden fishing lights are spreading all over the river. The rafts, gently rocking make the golden fishing lights dance upon the waters, the straw rain capes, the frolic cormorants and the hills construct a perfect picture describing the simple existence of the people around the Li River.
The fourth chapter is the Blue Impression: Love Songs. Under the deep blue sky, and on the dark blue water, the performer of Sanjie is singing classical love songs. Then, a crescent-shaped boat with a charming fairy dancing in is flying onto the surface of the water. A group of pretty and young girls, dressed in red or white are bathing around the boat. In this blue world, these beautiful girls seem to become the notes of Sanjie's love songs.
The last chapter is the Silvery Impression: Performance Grand Ceremony. As the 'Wonder of Lijiang Culture', this scenery reflects the traditional ceremony in Sanjie's hometown according to the legend. Over 200 Zhuang girls form a long column across the bridge over the Li River. Their silver dresses make the river shimmer in a mysterious manner.
In the Epilogue, the fishing rafts are rowed farther and farther from the audience while the beautiful songs of Sanjie are still echoing among the hills. The girls on the bridge present their thanks for the audience with their affectionate folk songs.
Grotte de couronne -
Les grottes en Chine, avec la manière dont ils les éclairent, vous donne l'impression d'être arrivée dans un film fantastique rétro-futuriste. D'autant plus que la visite se termine par la remontée dans un ascenseur au milieu des roches qui a tout l'air sorti de 2001 space odyssée.. 
Configuration Karstique, monts verdoyants, eau limpide, paysage pastoral et moeurs originales des minorités ethniques, telles sont les caractéristiques du site de Guanyan (la grotte de couronne) qui s’étend sur 23 km2 dans le canton de Caoping, le seul canton musulman du Guangxi, sur la rive est du cours inférieur de la rivière Li, à 29 km du centre ville de Guilin.
Une des originalités de ce site est constituée par deux grottes superposées, longues de 3 800 mètres, la grotte inférieure est le lit d’une rivière souterraine, qui relient les buttes de la grotte de Guanyan et de la grotte d’Anjiyan. C’est la seule rivière souterraine à Guilin qui mérite une visite, parce que le flot ininterrompu des eaux produit une "symphonie" dont la musique varie en fonction des saisons.
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