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Dreams - my room illustrations
FRESH 2 - Cutting Edge Illustrations – Public edited by Slanted :
Last Friday, the jurors found the one for our "Project FRESH" in Karlsruhe, to more than 16,000 submissions from the illustrations selected to be published in the book series. The three books that seem to deal with illustrations in the "Print", "Publlic" and "3D" in the early summer in Cologne publisher.
After the upload page for submissions was blocked after the deadline, the printer ran hot with us. Over 4,000 copies were ordered in the last few weeks and then on the last Friday of the jury to be presented. To interpret this quantity of paper at all able to generously allowed us a nice way to use the atrium of HFG Karlsuhe. Again thank you for this!
All designers and contributors are also many thanks. So many of us probably have work the least in this form before seen. Even we were surprised at the quality but at the very high number of submissions. Thanks also again to the jury that the day has taken time to discuss with us and work to evaluate. Dear jury, it was fun! Thanks also to Jochen Sand, who has supported us photographically.
We are now busy trying to arrange the work and to make the books.
A memo, who is represented with his works in one or more of the books will be published in stock late April. We give you humble and ask you to be patient until then.