HYERES - Villa Noailles

Villa Noailles
Hyères 2011

Hyères 2011 - / 26e Festival International de Mode & de Photographie / 29 Avril - 2 Mai / Expositions du 30 Avril au 29 Mai.
Through parallel fashion and photography competitions, the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie à Hyères, directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc since its creation 25 years ago, gathers every year under the spotlight ten young fashion designers and ten young photographers under patronage of an international jury.
An observatory of trends as well as an international launching pad, the Hyères festival has showcased, more than 300 first-time collections by new fashion designers from all over the world and exhibited the works of over 80 young and innovative photographers. On every edition, the festival presents at the Villa Noailles —the landmark cubist villa built in the 1920’s by Mallet-Stevens — several exhibitions that explore the permeating boundaries between art, photography and fashion.
The Festival's public increases year after year, attracting designers, industrialists, trendwatchers, agents, buyers, textile federations, distributors, gallerists, museum directors, department stores. The Festival's aim is to offer young talents a genuine professional opportunity by providing them with material and logistical support, as well as profitable contacts and intensive media exposure.
Villa Noailles - Raf Simons 
Swimming pool and gymnasium, villa Noailles. History of my world
The villa Noailles was designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens as the residence of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles. This private domestic environment immediately served as a showcase and meeting point for talent of the creative world attracted and supported by the couple.
“When I visited the place I instantly felt I wanted to make a link to the Noailles tradition. In my own domestic environment, I always strongly felt the need to surround myself with the work of other creative people. It’s inspiring and energetic for me. “History of my world” is an exhibition that showcases the world of people whose work is strongly present in my own domestic environment. They represent the different domains of art, fashion and design.” Raf Simons
Expositions -
In addition to the exhibits devoted to the fashion designers and photgraphers selected through the competitions, curators Jean-Pierre Blanc and Michel Mallard and Raphaëlle Stopin also strives to combine the works of young talents and established artists. Each edition of the festival provides an opportunity to commission projects from two young photographers chosen from among the finalists of previous years : one focusing on the creations of the designers on the competition and the other on the city of Hyères or a carte blanche.
In the past, Jeff Riedel, Cédric Buchet and Erwan Frotin have offered their visions of the fashion collections, while Eric Nehr, Maurice Scheltens, Stefan Ruiz and Charles Fréger have created portraits of the town, its landscapes and its inhabitants.
By the same token, various incursions of fashion into the spheres of music, video and design find their place in the programming. Festival-goers will remember the intriguing duos formed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Martine Sitbon, Jean Colonna and Jeff Burton, or Marcus Tomlinson and Hussein Chalayan. Special exhibits mounted on the initiative of Jean-Pierre Blanc have featured a collaboration between Gaspard Yurkievich and Dani Siciliano and a visionary interpretation of French shoes by the Bouroullec brothers Ronan and Erwan.
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