LONDON - Bricklane

Suck and chew  - Columbia road

Candy shop
We love sweets, we love shopping, we love collecting stuff we remember as kids. We believe nothing can replace good, old-fashioned personal service. That's why every bag of sweets we sell has been weighed by hand.
We believe in try before you buy, that's why we can, hand on heart say that we have eaten at least one of everything we sell. (It's a hard job; but someone's got to do it!) We believe toffees should come in re-usable tins. Fancy Easter eggs are rip off and the sweet you find in the bottom of the bag tastes the best.
Kill everything you don't understand.
"My bare / (darrie) derrière / is out / in the air / when I am not aware / aware / several / Handel concertos / Vivaldi Concertos / Benny Goodman // My (pair) "
"working (doing my tasks that I have set for myself) / On the stage - I will / not be punished for it / or be whipped / or be threatened / or not be loved / or sent to hell to burn with bad people / or feeling that I am also bad / or be afraid or ashamed of my genitals / being exposed known and seen / so what / or colours or screaming or doing nothing / or ashamed of my sensitive feelings - / they are reality / and I do have feeling / very strongly sexed feeling / since a small child - (think of all the / things I felt then) / I do know ways people / act unconventionally - mainly / myself - do not be afraid of / my sensitivity or to use it - for I / can & will channel it + crazy thoughts too / I want to do my scene or exercices / (illegible idiotic as they seem) / as sincerely as possible I / can knowing and showing / how I know it is also - no / matter - what they might / think - or judge from it.
Marilyn Monroe - Notes
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